Team Investigates Paranormal Activity in The Karsten Hotel

Just more than a week ago Action 2 News took you inside The Karsten Hotel in Kewaunee, which is known to be haunted. The hotel is for sale and the Chicago Paranormal Investigators are back doing another investigation. It turned out to be a fairly active night for the team. As midnight approaches, much of The Karsten Hotel is as dark outside as it is inside. A strobe of light shines on Dave Olson’s voice recorder. He is focused and ready for the investigation. Cameras are in place and tracking devices flicker colored lights in the abandoned hallways. The Chicago Paranormal Investigators are back at the hotel almost one year later to find more unexplained sights and sounds.

Through a night vision camera the team sees Mandy Dye, a team member, standing in a hallway, but a second camera is more revealing because it shows a shorter figure off to the right next to Dye. “They said you know ‘now he’s or it’s touching your hair’ and I look to my left and all of a sudden I saw my hair lifting off my shoulder,” said Dye.

It’s encounters that deepen the team’s fascination for the storied hotel. The day after the investigation, the team is winding electrical cord and stacking it up. With The Karsten Hotel for sale, the Chicago Paranormal Investigators hope the new owner will allow them back for another investigation.

They know they don’t have all the answers to the strange sights and sounds here, but each visit sheds another layer of understanding. Maybe toward some truth. “I don’t think there’s anything harmful here at all,” said Dave Olson, founder of the Chicago Paranormal Investigators.

For more information about the team and other haunted places they’ve looked into, click here:


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